PXG Parsons Xtreme Golf

PXG golf clubs set against the sweeping vistas of the Scottsdale National Golf course, a tantalizing taste of what you’ll get when you sign up for “The PXG Experience.” 

PXG Parsons Xtreme golf

Bob Parsons tells the story of his passion for the game of golf and the origins of PXG, a golf equipment company committed to creating the finest golf equipment ever made. From the early days of Bob Parsons’ golf company, to the time his design engineers discovered a revolutionary breakthrough that would change the game of golf forever, Bob talks of the countless prototypes and mistakes along the way to making PXG clubs.


A 12 day renovation, in 75 seconds, of Desert West Skateboard Plaza for the return of the annual PHXAM skateboard contest made possible through a partnership between Cowtown Skateboards, Vans shoes, CA Skateparks and the City of Phoenix.


A unique  central Phoenix home video tour over descriptive narration.

dp/editor: Steed Flicks

narrator: Shannon Estes

europa eye international - scott harris

A stylish video advertisement for the launch of Europa's new line of opticals. 

makeup: Sammy Elle
photographer: Jennifer Stewart
photo assitant: Eric Greenhalgh
stylist: Lindsey Reisack
models: Kiley Reid, Joe Rossi, Clayton Velasquez, Rachel Nui, Erin Beaty
music: Andy Anderson
dp/editor: Steed Flicks


Cowtown Skateboards team rider video. 

Harley Davidson Demo Ride

Chandler Harley Davidson demo ride Promotional Video. Shot on location in Chandler, Arizona 

Cinematography & Editing by Brandon Steed / SteedFlicks ©

Music by Ace High Cut Throats - Black Fire / Black Fire ~ Arcane Digital - Ace High Records©